Onderstaand een greep uit ons assortiment, thematisch gekleed in het thema Futuristic. 


Act | Illusion Characters

Act | Bubble Girl

Act | LED Champagne

Act | Aerial Champagne

Act | Futuristic LED Stelten


Act | Glow in the Dark

Act | Make-up Ladies


Act | Polaroid Fototeam

Act | Staande Hoop Act

Act | Glow give-away

LED Girl, Hostess, Winterse Danseres, LED Lampjes,Cocktaildress, Promotie, Entertainment, Themadames, Openingsact, Champagne Hostess.

Costume | LED it up!

Act | LED Wing Dancers

Act | LED Dansers

Act | Star Stilts

Act | Human Discoball

Act | Champagne Wall

LED entertainment, futuristisch, space, back to the future, glow, Glow in the Dark, LED, Verlichte act

Costume | Space Glow

Welkomst act, Circus Party, Thema event, Living statue, Welcoming Statue, levende Loper, Luxe gastenontvangt, event entertainment, Circus act, Circus thema, Thema feest

Act | Welcoming Statue

Act | Signaal spel

Futuristic, space, modern,

Costume | Cosmic Adventure

Costume | Mirror Magic

Galaxy Girl, Science Finction Promotion, Space Theme, Ruimte Danseres, Galaxy Dancer, Freestyle Dancer, Promotie Dame, Thema Dame, Melkweg, Space Angel, Galaxy Angel.

Costume | Galaxy Girl


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